Dear MazeMapping user,

After MazeMapping went live, we have already welcomed many users. Unfortunately, this also means that bugs and other problems are discovered when software is widely used.

The problems that users encountered when using MazeMapping have now been adjusted.

Patch notes MazeMapping 1.0.3.

  • The synchronization function has been replaced from ‘Destructive’ to ‘Non-destructive’.
  • Nested sequences are now also detected by the ‘Part of FileName’ codec.
  • The functionality of all group codecs are now working properly.

To download the new version, we request that you download MazeMapping again via our website When you install the .zxp file, it automatically overwrites the new file.
Do you already have a ‘Maze’ in use? Don’t worry, MazeMapping will remember it so that it will be remembered even after installing the new version.

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Team MazeMapping