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What if I don’t want to buy my license code after my trial period?

After your trial period has expired, MazeMapping will automatically block itself. The only working button from then is the ‘Redeem your code’ button and the function to create or change a folder structure. There is absolutely no need to buy your license. We hope after your trial period you are satisfied and want to start using MazeMapping, but if you don’t want to, of course you don’t have to.

When I download MazeMapping, how do I know how to use it?

When you download MazeMapping, you will receive a .zip folder with 2 files. MazeMapping, and the MazeMapping installer. On our website you can find a tutorial video where Chris, software developer at team MazeMapping explains you step by step how to install MazeMapping, use the software and how to redeem your license code.

I installed MazeMapping, but it’s not appearing in Adobe Premiere Pro. What can I do?

After you installed MazeMapping using the installer but it’s not appearing in your ‘Extensions’ tab in Premiere Pro, we advise you to search in your Mac Finder/Windows Explorer for all files called ‘MAZEMAPPING’ and delete them from your computer. From then, download the MazeMapping file again and try to install the software again.

If you keep having problems with installing MazeMapping, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: When you are downloading MazeMapping for the second time AFTER your trial period, it won’t start again with the trial period when you re-install the software.

I am experiencing problems using MazeMapping, what can I do?

If you are experiencing problems using MazeMapping you can always contact us by mail, whatsapp, or by joining our Discord server. We do our best to get back to you within 24 hours to all your questions.

When you have (a few) general questions you can also place them in our Discord server but if you are more comfortable to contact us by mail or phone you can always contact us from there.