About us. About Mazemapping.

With large editing projects, Adobe Premiere Pro become a junk of folders and files spread all over with no distinction between them.

Here comes MazeMapping…

MazeMapping is the key solution to your organizing problems, frustration and a time-saver! All your worries will be one click away once the plugin is installed; and when we say One-Click that really means “One-Click”.

MazeMapping is specifically designed to work with Adobe Premiere Pro and get all your files organized in the way you want to see it.

We, the founders of MazeMapping are a team based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and all well experienced video-editors with experience over more than a decade. We have built MazeMapping by considering all the aspects and worries an editor may face during his work. The plugin has already gone through a lot of tests & trials, and made us believe that the filmmakers world is waiting for it.

Ezra Meijer - Founder of MazeMapping